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“Home” (forwarded to Google Voice): 907-790-ARLOA word about Facebook: If you don’t know us personally and would like to add us as a friend, please include a short note with the friend request, letting us know you’re coming over from Postcard Valet.


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Even while traveling, we should still be in touch! There are many options for both Oksana and me — some will reach us quicker than others — but the easiest for you would probably be to just skip down to the form at the bottom of this page. (Removed temporarily due to spam.) We’ll do our best to respond to every email, but please understand that finding and using internet cafes on the road can sometimes be frustrating.

Note to internet marketers:  If you are offering SEO options for our website, proposing a link exchange, or even offering to pay for a link placement, we will not be answering your email.

Welcome to Postcard Valet

Postcard Valet is a travel blog and video podcast by Arlo and Oksana Midgett. They just returned to Juneau, Alaska, after almost three full years of travel and living abroad. Many of their stories, photos, and videos have yet to be shared...

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