Travel Budget

Oksana keeps a meticulous, penny-accurate (or centi-peso accurate, if you prefer!) budget of our travel expenses with a massive Excel spreadsheet.  We have three ways in which you can peek into what it costs us to travel around the world:

Weekly Budget Graphs
Each week Oksana creates a graph to show whether or not we stuck to our $100/day budget.

Montly Reviews
At the end of each month, Oksana creates a breakout summary page of our expenses (with categories like lodging, transportation, excursions, etc.) so you can see how much of our money goes where.

Country-by-Country Comparisons
Much like the monthly reviews, the country-by-country comparisons will be in a breakout summary format.  By limiting the date range to just the times we spent in a particular country, it should give you a rough sense of what it costs to travel there (backpacker style, of course.)

Note:  Oksana didn’t plan for any of this when she created her spreadsheet, so not all of the older entries were input in a format that allows us to pull this data for these summaries.  It’s a living document, however, and Oksana plans to work backwards, cleaning up the data in her spare time.  We’ll do our best to post new summaries as they happen, but it make take some time to back-fill in the rest. 

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