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In addition to our chronological posts, Postcard Valet has a variety of pages:

Where Are We?
Follow along on the GPS route of our entire trip!

Suggestions for places we should visit.  Have one we should know about?

Recommended Tours
A place for us to jot down the contact info and prices of our favorite excursions.

McDonald’s of the World

Upcoming Podcasts
Let us know what you’d like to see next!

Welcome to Postcard Valet

Postcard Valet is a travel blog and video podcast by Arlo and Oksana Midgett. They just returned to Juneau, Alaska, after almost three full years of travel and living abroad. Many of their stories, photos, and videos have yet to be shared...

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First Time Suggestions

Scariest Story:
Zanzibar is Dangerous

Favorite video (15 min):
Salar de Uyuni

Travel Photos:
Sorted by Continent

Quirky Travel Fun:
McDonald's in Every Country

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