June 19, 2014

Movie review: Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow Movie Poster
A long while ago, I spent a summer writing movie reviews for my personal blog.  With all the things I wish I had time to write about today, it sort of boggles my mind that I was searching around for something so trivial just to fill my time.  The number of movies I really want to critique isn’t very large, but there have been a couple in the past few years I would have liked to dissect in writing.  The oft-maligned Superman Returns and Man of Steel, for instance, or the remake of that 80s classic, Fright Night.

Most recently, the movie I’ve been dying to talk to everyone about is the Tom Cruise vehicle, Edge of Tomorrow.  Massive, massive spoilers incoming, so if you haven’t seen it yet (and trust my recommendation), go watch it now before it leaves theaters for good.  Worth seeing on the big screen.  This review’ll be here when you get back.