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March 31, 2011

PVX: McDonald’s in Chile

Well, we didn’t get to go to McDonald’s in Bolivia. Not for lack of trying, but rather for lack of… existence. Instead, the next installment of our McDonald’s sampling series comes to you from Chile.

While on a really long bus ride in Chile, I decide to make a list of all the countries in which I’ve eaten at McDonald’s. Here it is:

Costa rica
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands
Puerto Rico, US Territory
Netherlands *
England *
Cuba –
Colombia †
Uruguay ‡

* Just in the airport
– Countries I have visited in which there are no McDonald’s
† Countries I have visited and have NOT eaten at a McDonald’s
‡ Countries I have visited and have NOT eaten at a McDonald’s, but ones which I plan to revisit within the next month and remedy that situation

January 11, 2011

PVX: McDonald’s in Peru

I mentioned briefly in the last post that I went to McDonald’s in Ecuador.  I wanted to make a video about eating there, but when I left Quito, I didn’t realize that would be my last shot at a Mickey-D’s in the country.  (There’s no McDonald’s in Cuenca, just a KFC and a Burger King.)  Anyway, I wasn’t about to risk that happening again in Peru.  Before we left the capital city, I made sure to have cameras rolling for my order.

It was fun putting this video together; I may try to do it again with the other countries we visit, too.